About Me

Hi! I’m BRYAN.

I am an information technologist, consultant, writer, website builder, former meteorologist and occasional dabbler in marketing. More importantly I’m a husband to a great wife and the father of a terrific son.

Twenty-five years ago my career brought to a place called Sioux Falls, South Dakota and that’s where this story begins. I started my professional career as a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. After a decade of forecasting the weather and working rotating shifts, I found a less predictable and more challenging foe, the computer. For fifteen years I’ve worked as an information technologist for the National Weather Service. Over the years, I’ve also worked outside of work  by managing a number of websites that eventually led me to travel to several conferences as a guest, moderator, or media partner.

After all my travels in this great country of ours, I’ve come to realize that there is a  fundamental lack of understanding by most people elsewhere of what it means to live in the City of Sioux Falls as well as the State of South Dakota. People who have never lived here have preconceptions that block them from seeing South Dakota as something more than where the buffalos roam and temperatures drop below zero in the winter. Yes, we do have bison and frigid winters…but there is a lot more than the obvious to see what my home has to offer.

This is my attempt to help you put any preconceptions you have of South Dakota behind you.